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Kajiado decentralizes revenue collection streams

Kajiado County government has set a revenue target of Sh 1.5 billion for the 2022/2023 financial year.

Unlike before where revenue was being collected through streams at the County level, the revenue department has adopted a hybrid system where revenue will now be collected at both the County and Sub County Levels with an exception of a few revenue streams.

To this effect, Kajiado Finance, Economics, Planning and ICT County Executive Committee Member, Michael Semera has initiated reforms and re-organised the revenue department.

Following the new changes, there will be a Head of revenue in each Sub County with a supervisor who acts as a deputy and the supervisors will have stream managers for each revenue aspect.

Vera Moraa has been appointed as the Director General of Revenue at the County level with several revenue areas under her Office.

The revenue streams that will be under her office are; building plans approvals and corporates, Natural Resources, Agriculture Cess & Transit, Weights & Measures, Compliance and Enforcement and ICT Revenue.

At the Sub County Level, the following streams will be collected; Land Rates & Rent, All Permits, all User fees and All advertisements.

The new Sub County Heads of Revenue are; George Morosua (Kajiado Central), Martha Nderu (Kajiado North), Johnathan Saigilu (Kajiado East), Agnes Lesere (Kajiado West) and Samuel Marona will head Kajiado South Sub County.

The Sub County Heads of Revenue will have stream supervisors and will report to the Director general of revenue who will further report to the Chief Officer, Finance and Economic Planning.

While meeting the newly appointed revenue collection officers at the county offices, Kajiado Governor Joseph ole Lenku urged the officers to work diligently for the Kajiado people as they are the ones who pay the requisite levies and rates.

By Diana Meneto

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