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MP urges parents to prioritise their children’s education

As schools close this week, Kajiado Central Member of Parliament, Memusi Kanchori, is challenging parents to take the education of their children seriously to secure them and the country a better future.

The legislator said that the children’s future and that of the country depend on producing young people who can contribute positively to the growth of the nation.

“I want to urge all the parents to be keen on their children’s performance in school. As the children come back for the holidays, the first thing you should ask for is their report card. Know how they have performed. It is unfortunate that most of our students are scoring E’s, yet parents are not bothered. You should know why your child is performing poorly in class,” said Kanchori.

The MP was speaking at Letoire Girls’ Secondary School, where he conducted a meeting of all education stakeholders to sensitise them on the poor performance in schools in Kajiado Central constituency.

Kajiado Central M.P Memusi Kanchori and the education stakeholders at Letoire girls’ secondary school.

He urged all the education stakeholders in the constituency to work together to ensure that the students excel.

The MP added that most of the secondary schools in Kajiado Central are recording dismal performance and low enrollment despite good infrastructure.

“The performance is lacking in our secondary schools. In Meto Secondary, only one student has managed to gain entry into university since its inception in 2013. The best student in General Nkaiserry Secondary got a C-minus. The future of our children is being wasted and we must unite to change this narrative,” said Kanchori.

He is also urging parents to guide and counsel their children while at home to avoid cases of early pregnancies and drug abuse.

“I was in Sajiloni Girls Secondary, and the first thing they showed me was a list of 21 pregnant girls. It is unfortunate that when the learners close school, the parents are not aware of their whereabouts, thus contributing to such cases. Let us know what our children are doing and with whom,” said Kanchori.

The MP also urged the parents to keep the children busy and let them help at home instead of letting them wander aimlessly.

Kanchori also appealed to the parents to pay school fees on time to enable the schools to run smoothly.

By Diana Meneto

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