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Kala-azar outbreak leaves 27 hospitalized in Laisamis sub-county

Some  27 people have been admitted at Laisamis Level 4 Hospital following an outbreak of Kala-azar in Laisamis Sub County in Marsabit.

The  facility’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Abshiro Hapicha however, said the patients, were responding well to treatment. A majority of the patients, he added are from Logo logo location.

“A total of 27 patients who tested positive to Kala- azar have been admitted in this hospital and are currently undergoing medication. I can say that their response is good,’’ Hapicha said.

Consequently the CEO made an appeal for concerted efforts among the national and county governments and other agencies in eradicating the sand flies that transmits the disease.

“There is need for massive awareness campaign to control the spread of the disease and if possible to eliminate it,” he said.

According to the CEO, sand flies prefer warm temperatures and live in anthills, cow dry dung heaps, earth crevices and cracks .

He said pastoralist communities sleep on sand outside their houses during dry seasons which expose them to sand flies. “High levels of poverty and illiteracy among residents has also been established to be another factor that exposes them to Kala-azar,” he added.

Hapicha cautioned locals against preference to herbs advising them to instead seek conventional modes of treatment for effective control of diseases.

Kala-azar has an incubation period of between two weeks to six months with symptoms being fever, weight loss, anemia, and swelling of the spleen and liver.

Meanwhile, Kargi MCA, Asunta Galgithelle has asked the government to consider establishing Kala-azar control centres fully equipped with diagnostic facilities and testing kits in parts of the county that are prone to the disease.

Galgithele urged partners in the health sector to join hands in bringing the menace under control.

According to records with the department of health, 44 cases out of 102 reported since 2016 turned positive.

By  Sebastian  Miriti

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