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Kangema Contractor on Spot Over Burst Water Pipes 

Scores of homes and schools in Kangema Sub County of Murang’a have been experiencing water shortage after pipes were destroyed by a road contractor.

Pipes worth Sh.100 million belonging to Kahuti Water and Sanitation Company (Kawsco) have been destroyed by the contractor doing part of Mau Mau road which borders Aberdare forests.

The Managing Director of Kawsco, engineer Ephantus Kamau has said more than 16, 000 homesteads and several schools and local health centers have stayed without water for several weeks after the pipes connecting the premises were destroyed.

The pipes sourcing water from the Tuthu area are said to be destroyed forcing residents to fetch water for domestic use from nearby streams.

KAWSCO Managing Director Engineer Ephantus Kamau speaking on destruction of water pipes by a road contractor

Kamau observed that the pipes were procured by the national government to help the company increase water connection in the locality.

He explained the road contractor has destroyed two lines subjecting residents in Muguru, Kanyenyaini and parts of Murarandia wards to go without water for quite some time.

“We have incurred huge losses after destruction of the water pipes. Several villages have been affected by the destruction of the pipes which happened last month,” said Kamau.

The water firm, the MD averred that it has incurred loss amounting to Sh. 10 million in terms of revenue collection.

He noted that the company is working out to ensure water resumes particularly to affected schools and health centers.

An officer with Athi water development agency, engineer Peter Kabutu said the agency has intervened to reconnect the destroyed pipes so as to ensure water resumes.

Kabutu observed that they have deployed two contractors to assist in reconnecting the pipes, but said the relief will be temporary saying permanent solution will only be attained after completion of the road works.

“Water will be reconnecting but it will not be more like before. The pipes will be reconnected from another source and thus water will be given in a rationing basis. We expect the water supply to resume in two weeks’ time,” added Kabutu when he visited the affected areas on Saturday.

Currently, the engineer said one line of pipes has been repaired and a section of residents have started receiving water in their homes.

Kangema MP Muturi Kigano on his part said local CDF will start providing water to schools and health centers before the work on pipe reconnection is over.

Muturi asked Kenya National Roads and Highway Authority (KeNHA) which is in charge of the road to reprimand the contractor and have him replace destroyed pipes.

“The destroyed pipes are worth millions of shillings and leaving that huge loss to the local water company will be a big burden and the water firm may not afford to foot the whole cost. Let KeNHA ask the contractor to replace destroyed pipes,” added the legislator.

He called upon road contractors to be engaging services providers like water companies before they embark in excavations works.

“Contractor may involve water companies so if there are pipes ensure they are relocated earlier without destroying them. Families are suffering from lack of clean water and this problem could be avoided if there were consultations before road works begun,” he added.

By Bernard Munyao

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