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Karai Water pan was incomplete, NIB

The  Construction works and repairs of the Karai water pan that burst its banks on Monday night will continue, National Irrigation Board (NIB) has assured.

The  Chief  Engineer, Charles  Mwasia, while regretting the incident, noted that the works of the dam located in Ndaragua Constituency were at 90 percent completion and will continue once the rains subsidize.

“The  contractor is still on site and we will ensure the project is completed before we hand it over to the community. Water spillways and fencing will be done on the 100,000 cubic meter water pan to allow farmers to use it for irrigation,” he added.

Speaking at the site, Eng. Mwasia, refuted claims that the NIB did not conduct public participation, adding that proper procedure was followed and the resident proposed the site.

“The water pan is what was excavated and not the soil residues that was acting as the banks of the water pan,” added the chief engineer, noting that the contractor had not been paid for the works and he will need to deliver what was envisaged before money is released.

The  Nyandarua County Commissioner (CC), Boaz  Cherutich, who led the County Development Implementation Coordination Committee (CDICC) in a fact finding mission on the dam regretted the incident saying that legal redress was being sought on the matter to ensure there was value for money.

The project was temporarily stopped until the chief engineer submits the Environmental Impact Assessment and plans for approval and further consultations.

By  Anne  Sabuni

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