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Karate Federation on course to introduce uniforms that automatically capture points

The Kenya Karate Federation (KKF) is tracking the developments made by the World Karate Federation (WKF) to introduce Karate uniforms that have digital devices to capture points automatically whenever an athlete scores.

The Secretary General of the Federation Gabriel Mutuku said the federation is yet to send some officials to learn about the system outside the country where a pilot has been done prior to introducing the same in Kenya later this year.

“There are a lot of things coming up and we need to be well prepared to adapt to these changes. The World Karate Federation has done it already, the pilot games have been done outside the country and Kenya will send some officials to learn about the system,” he noted.

He said as the World Karate system is changing, Kenya is following closely to adhere to the best international standards that will put the country ahead in the sport and prepare players to match those at the international scene.

Mutuku who was speaking in Kakamega during the Western Kenya Open, the first tournament for Karate Federation Western region for 2023 asked the government to support the Federation in acquiring those attires once they are ready.

He said in compliance with the Kenya Kwanza Government’s call for sporting activities to be organized in leagues, the Karate Federation is moving away from the common championships to leagues.

Western Region Karate Federation is on course in developing a fixture for its inaugural league which will commence in May. The Regional Secretary General Christopher Ouma said they have realized that it is through leagues that players are nurtured to be very competitive.

“Previously, we have been participating in opens, inter counties and championships but now WKF has proposed for us to participate in leagues. We shall organize two leagues, that is youth league and senior league, youth leagues will involve schools while senior leagues will capture clubs and Universities,” he disclosed.

Once introduced, Western Kenya will be the third region to play Karate through leagues. It will be joining Nairobi and Rift Valley regions which are already participating in leagues.

Further, the upcoming Karate Championship in Nyanza has been absorbed into a league.

Mutuku also disclosed that the Federation will work with both the National and County Governments to make the changes in the sport successful. He noted that the leagues will be arranged in point form where every time a team selects a national team member it accumulates enough points to be on top.

The Western Open was held to select a team that will participate at the Kenya Open in preparation to represent the country during a youth championship in Egypt later this year.

By Moses Wekesa

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