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KARLO to host conference on new innovations and technologies

Kenya Agricultural Livestock and Research Organisation (KALRO) will in June host an international scientific conference and exhibition on agriculture technologies at its headquarters in Loresho.
The Expo dubbed the “1st KALRO Scientific Conference and Exhibition” billed as one of the biggest agricultural events in the country and scheduled to run from June 24 to 28 is expected to bring on board over 100 companies from 30 countries. More than 2,000 farming professionals are expected to grace the four day event.
KALRO Director General Dr. Eliud Kiplimo Kireger described the event as a world-class trade platform designed to open up opportunities in agricultural research, support services and trade.
Farming professionals will be equipped with skills and knowledge required to manage modern agricultural operations with value addition.
“In hosting this big international event, KALRO is partly implementing Kenya’s development blueprint, the Vision 2030 and the government’s Big Four agenda where the agriculture sector is recognised as one of the key drivers of our economic growth. Our aim is to transform Kenya into a newly industrialised, middle income country providing a high quality of life to all its citizens in a clean and secure environment,” stated the Director General.
The event to be themed “Technologies and Innovations for Agricultural Transformation, Improved Food/Nutrition Security and Livelihoods” targets to bring on board exhibitors involved in a wide range of farming services, consultancies, equipment and technology, farming research and industry institutions.
“Food production is one of the major pillars identified, which the government will focus on in the next five years. We are inspired to be partners in developing agri -mechanisation in the region in order to produce more food for a growing population. We need to improve yields and production from less available land through good mechanisation suited for our customers,” asserted Dr Kireger.
The Conference will be a platform to showcase new innovations and management practices in sustainable land and water use and pre-and post-harvest value addition technologies for improved local and global competitiveness.
It will further bring together agriculture scientists, small and large scale commercial farmers and stakeholders, and service providers from across the entire agriculture value chain.
“There will be four days for exhibition of technologies, products and information from KALRO, other institutions, farmers and businesses. The Conference will cover scientific research findings relevant to innovative technologies in food, horticultural and industrial crops, livestock genetic improvement, disease control, feeds and feeding, emerging livestock,” he stated.
Apart from showcasing their innovations and technologies, farmers, agro-industry players, service providers and other stakeholders in the agriculture sector will be afforded the opportunity to engage in business networking locally and internationally.
“It is our intention to bring on board partners with dedicated companies offering a wide range of farming services, consultancies, equipment and technology, farming research and industry institutions”
We will be roping in participants who will give expert opinion on innovations that will increase opportunities for women and youth integration in agriculture,’the director general said.
The Conference will address how socio economics, policy issues, marketing and agricultural technologies impact on farmers’ productivity,” noted Dr. Kireger.
The event will also provide a forum for sharing breakthroughs and achievements in agricultural research products and services.
The Director General said exhibitors are expected to share innovative approaches and strategies for technology transfer for enhancing agribusiness and livelihoods.
During the event KALRO will exhibit her technologies, products and services and those of her partners and stakeholders.
“We believe that the expo will enhance partnerships and strengthen linkages among stakeholders. It will provide an all-round platform to network, market and share knowledge on how to best harness the power of technology in agriculture and ensure the best outcome for farmers’ produce,” the KALRO Director General noted.
By Anne Mwale

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