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Price hike as potato demand increase

Heavy rains currently pounding several parts of the country have damaged roads, hampering distribution of farm produce.

This has resulted in the rise of various foodstuffs, including potatoes, which have seen an increase in prices by 50 per cent in Nakuru town.

The Potato Officer for the county, Joseph Gaturuku said the high demand for potatoes has been occasioned by the prolonged holiday for school children, who tend to consume more of the crop in the form of chips or mashed potatoes.

Currently, a debe of potatoes sells at Sh.600 compared to the month of February when it was selling at Sh300. A seller at the local market, Mercy Njambi, said the prices were likely to increase due to the onset of rains since lorries cannot easily access the farms.

A mother with young children, Faith Njeri said the consumption of potatoes in her household has doubled because the children keep on demanding for chips and since many hotels were closed due to the covid-19 pandemic, she had no other option.

By  Veronica  Bosibori

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