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Police to receive free drinks for entire Covid-19 period

Police officers in Kiambu County are set to receive bottled water and fruit juices for free during the entire Covid-19 period from a Thika-based fruit processor to motivate them as they intensify compliance of coronavirus protocols among citizens.

This  is after the Kevian Kenya Limited known for the manufacture of ‘Afia’ and ‘Pick N Peel’ fruit juice brands donated Sh.5million worth of water, energy, malt drinks and Afia fruit juices to keep police stations and posts and road-blocks.

The Company’s Factory Manager, Njenga  Kariuki  said each police officer will in the entire epidemic period receive a litre of bottled Mt Kenya water, a litre of Afia juice and 100Ml of energy drink every day.

He said the initiative will motivate the officers by keeping them hydrated, energized and freshened as they enforce curfew restriction to help in combating the Covid-19 disease.

The processor also donated 50 hand-washing units which will be erected at all the 24 border points of the County to enhance hygiene of the officers and travelers.

The  Thika West Sub County Police Commander, Beatrice Kiraguri  who received the donation on behalf of the County said the donation will give them much needed energy to perform their duties.

She said the donations will be received weekly throughout the coronavirus period.

“Since we began the enforcement on movement restrictions, no well-wisher has ever showed interest in supporting the police who work under challenging environments. This is a motivation and we call on more companies to come forward and help the uniformed service through such incentives,” she said.

Meanwhile, a Thika-based flour processing company Capwell Industries known for packaging Soko Maize flour and Ranee rice has donated Sh 20 million worth of maize flour to the Covid-19 Emergency response Fund, to support vulnerable communities in the country.

The donation target over 85,000 Kenyans whose incomes and livelihoods have been disrupted by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

The  water, energy, malt drinks and Afia fruit juices said each of the targeted families will receive two packets of 2kg Soko maize flour.

It also intends to give out 550 food ration packs of Soko maize meal flour and Ranee rice to some targeted 275 elderly and vulnerable persons in Thika town and to Children’s Rescue Centres within Thika among other incentives.

By  Muoki Charles

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