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Kazi Mtaani, a wish for continuity for youths

Most youths in Busia County still believe that the National Hygiene Programme commonly known as Kazi Mtaani which impacted positively and changed their lives will be revived.

The programme which was initiated by President Uhuru Kenyatta, in the month of July 2020, saw many youths incorporated, where many of them were momentously uplifted from poverty and their earlier way of livelihood.

Evans Oyuna, a 29-year-old, living in Amairo village, Teso South Sub-County, and a beneficiary of the programme, narrates how Kazi Mtaani has enabled him to be independent, despite living with disability.

Oyuna is a young man who is driven by vision and a thirst for success. Through the programme, he was able to move from his humble grass thatched house, to a more modern house.

“I have been living in this house for many years, but since I started this job, I have managed to utilise the little cash I get and start up a new one,” Oyuna said.

Apart from the house, Oyuna said that he has been able to start up more projects in their rural home, which he hopes will enable him to improve his livelihood, since he has no job at the moment.

“I was able to buy tree seedlings from my very first salary, which I planted and as we speak, the trees are in good condition,” he explained.

He also said that he was able to buy piglets, which have now grown and hopes that they will earn him a living in future.

“I have also started a chicken project which I intend to expand with time if I get funds,” he added.

After completing his secondary education, Oguna was able to take a course in special needs, whereby, he holds a diploma in sign language.

He expresses his urge to get employed because he believes to have enough skills to perform any duty assigned to him, despite being disabled.

“My plea to the government is that they help me to acquire any job, which will enable me to finish my house, continue with my projects and cater for my daily needs,” he urged.

“Despite my disability, I believe that I can tackle any work assigned to me, with hard work and determination,” he added.

Rev.Titus Njoya, who happens to know Oyuna better, said that he has been a hardworking boy since childhood.

“Even after being involved in a road accident, which left him with one leg, hard work and passion for success has been part and parcel of him,” he said.

He continued to urge other people living with disability, to emulate Oyuna in order to be self-dependent.

Oyuna’s grandmother decried that her disabled grandson is facing a lot of challenges in carrying out his daily duties, despite his passion and hard work and pleaded the County Government of Busia to offer him a job opportunity, which will enable him to sustain himself.

By Salome Alwanda and Frodah Namayi

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