Kazi mtaani employees request for extension of contract

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National and Nyamira County secretariat teams for Kazi mtaani having a chat with a Kazi Mtaani worker Vincent Okemwa (with spade) deployed in the County headquarters to unclog blocked trenches.

Kazi mtaani employees in Nyamira are requesting the government to extend their contract terms or even employ them on a permanent basis to enable them continue sustaining their families.

Speaking during a consultation meeting with officers from the national secretariat, Nairobi on Kazi Mtaani, both supervisors and workers testified how the programme has greatly assisted them meet basic needs for their families, something that had otherwise become impossible due to the onset of the dreaded Coronavirus which has continued to ravage the country’s economy leaving majority of Kenyans with no source of income.

A supervisor in Nyamira municipality, Evelyn Bosire was grateful for this programme which has enabled her sharpen leadership skills as this was the first time she was mandated to lead others. It had also enabled her learn money saving skills so that she can use the money in future to pay school fees for her children.

“I had exhausted all my savings to buy food for my family because all businesses were ordered close down to contain the spread of the pandemic and ensure everyone was safe and it was an uphill task to sustain my family until luck came my way and I was selected as a supervisor for the Kazi mtaani programme,” Bosire explained.

Another worker at the programme, Vincent Okemwa revealed to the national secretariat team that salary from kazi mtaani had enabled him to clear his debts.

“I request the government to extend the contract period for this programme because meeting my basic home needs has been actualized and my family is happy for they have never slept hungry since I started working under this programme,” said Okemwa.

The National Secretariat team leader for Nyanza region Thomas Nyamwaro commended employees who have used their money to improve their lives because of this programme.

He further advised them to spend the cash wisely and invest it however little it may look, for it will bring lasting positive impact on their lives.

“We shall present your request to the secretariat members but since we are not sure of the outcome, spend the little you earn wisely, invest in small ways in your various areas of interest for life to continue smoothly even after the end of the contract,” Nyamwaro advised.

The accounts manager in charge of Nyamira, Vincent Otieno commended the good work Kazi mtaani youths were doing to improve and maintain the county’s hygiene standards and assured all those with pending payments that they will be paid and that should not discourage them from doing their best in whatever they have been assigned to do.

Meanwhile, Nyamira County has deployed a total of 2553 Kazi mtaani vulnerable youths to cushion them from the effects of Covid-19 and also contain further spread of the virus by maintaining cleanliness of towns where most people are affected due to their high numbers.

The kazi Mtaani programme is scheduled to end in December this year, the more reason why most beneficiaries are requesting for its extension.

By Deborah Bochere

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