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KDF called on to mop up unexploded bombs

Samburu leaders have called on the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) to mop up undetonated bombs at their training grounds in Laresoro area in Samburu East.

Led by area Governor Moses Lenolkulal, the leaders lamented that the military had exposed residents to death traps on the over 8, 000 acre piece of land.

This comes after the death of two children on Sunday after explosives detonated while they were grazing livestock. A third child is fighting for his life at a Meru hospital.

Lenolkulal said that the explosives were washed downstream when it rains further exposing the locals to danger.

“Our people are exposed to death while they graze, walk home, play and even when they fetch water,” the governor said.

A resident, Gabriel Lenyakopiro, said that children were always at risk since they usually play with the colorful bombs.

“Most of the bombs are blue in colour and attract children who are grazing in the absence of adults. Our animals are not spared either,” he said.

Lenyakopiro noted that in the past, the military used to hire and train locals who would patrol the training grounds after the army had left in search of undetonated ordinance.

“They used to hire locals who would patrol the area and report the undetonated bombs to explosives experts,” he noted.

Lenyakopiro said they access the training grounds to graze from the neighbouring Losesia group ranch.

By Robert Githu

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