KeNHA to restore Garissa-Madogo traffic by tomorrow

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The Kenya National Highways Authority is working for a second day to fix the recent road cutoffs on the Madogo-Garissa Road, which were caused by a major washout at Kona Punda near Mororo following heavy rains in the region.

Already, the agency has fixed the damaged road sections along Modogashe-Garissa and Madogo – Nairobi, and is still working on the Madogo – Bura road with estimates showing that the roads may be open for traffic by tomorrow evening.

KeNHA, in a statement while cautioning motorists to be patient on the roads and plan their journeys in mind with the roads’ current status, said that roads that are currently impassable are the Modogashe-Habbaswein, Madogo-Bura at Dukanotu, and Mororo-Madogo, which is currently under construction.

At the same time, another body has been recovered on the Garissa-Madogo cut-off section, where two bodies were also retrieved yesterday.

The body of a male victim had decomposed, showing that it had stayed on the water for some days.

On Thursday, Madogo MCA Juma Ali raised suspicions that there could be more bodies in the sections.

As of Thursday, the National El-Nino steering committee said that 136 people across the country had died as a result of the floods.

By Erick Kyalo

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