KenHA urged to start works on Busia Highway

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The  Busia Deputy Governor, Moses  Mulomi has urged the Kenya Highways Authority (KeNHA) to start the construction of the Busia to Kisumu highway.

Speaking  after holding consultative talks with the Canadian High Commissioner to Kenya, Ms. Lisa  Stadelbauer  in his office on Wednesday, Mulomi said the ongoing works were merely temporary by Kenha after consultation with the County government to carry out pothole patching and improve drainage along the road.

“The main contract will comprise improving the road to Busia to a dual carriage way and ensuring that other supportive structures are in place,” he said.

He announced an additional funding of Sh.100 million to the initial Sh.200 million that will be used to improve part of infrastructure in the town.

“By June, the design work will be complete and I hope by the end of the year, the works will have started,” he said and explained that additional activities will  include part of the dualling.

The deputy governor further raised concerns over the issue of parking especially of trailers along the road awaiting transit to Uganda and other East African Community  states.

“We have already bought six acres of land at Mundika and with additional funding, we hope to construct a modern trailer park with facilities like a police station and  other requisite facilities,” he said.

The Deputy Governor further said a five kilometre road will soon be constructed by Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) to enhance activities between the town and Alupe  University College.

“We hope that very soon KURA will also consider the road between Mundika and the town,” he said, adding that the road had been listed as one of the KURA projects to be  undertaken this year.

Mulomi stated that more funds will be allocated for the expansion of the entrance to Busia One-Stop Border Post that is currently facing the challenge of congestion.

“We are going to receive an additional Sh. 3 million for improvement of infrastructure at Malaba One-Stop Border Post and the contract is ongoing,” he said.

He at the same time said that a ten acre parcel of land has also been bought by the County government in the area for future development.

“The  Canadian government has some limited funds to support women activities which they will soon advertise and individual groups can apply to enhance their capacities as traders,” he said.

Ms. Stadelbauer  expressed her country’s commitment to support Trade Mark East Africa’s activities by opening the One Stop Border Post.

“We are happy to see the OSPB improving women’s capacity in trade by engaging in cross border trade,” she said.

The team discussed about infrastructure development in the town especially the ongoing activities since the development of the OSBP in Busia and Malaba.

By  Salome  Alwanda

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