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Kenya celebrates 10th Anniversary of arrival of fibre optics

The Interior Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Fred Matiang’i, shares a light moment with one of the organizers of the celebrations at Swahili pot Amphitheatre in Mombasa on Tuesday January 14, 2020. Photo by Joseph Kamolo/KNA.
Acrobats entertain guests at Swahili pot Amphitheatre in Mombasa on Tuesday January 14, 2020. Photo by Joseph Kamolo/KNA.

The  Interior  and Coordination of National Government Cabinet Secretary (CS), Fred  Matiang’i, has commended Mombasa youth for utilizing their time and talent well at the newly built multipurpose amphitheatre at Swahili pot at the coastal city.

Speaking  on Tuesday during the celebrations of the 10th Anniversary of the arrival of the Fiber Optic undersea cable in Kenya, the  CS said using and developing time and talent in the process helping others was more useful than engaging the police  when involved in crime.

He  said the youth are the present and the future of the country thus the need to have them nurtured properly while engaging in constructive activities other than idleness, drug abuse and crime.

“As a Minister for security, this is more important to me than chasing young people around Mombasa town with the police looking for young armed criminals some with machetes instead you come and engage in good course like talent shows.” said Dr. Matiang’i

He  said it is the responsibility of the government to support the youth following in the footsteps of President Uhuru Kenyatta whose focus is supporting young people, which made him be discovered by the UN and appointed him the champion of young people world over.

Dr. Matiang’i noted that it is the wish and determination of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Administration to find ways of developing youth potentials so as to not only benefit them but the country at large.

He  made his personal commitment to support 20 talents for girls and boys from Mombasa and to fund raise to support their activities.

“I am going to talk to my friends, including those in the Cabinet since our job is to support and enhance the participation of our young people to avoid the challenges that befall them when they remain idle,” noted the CS

The  CS said it is the pride of the whole country when the youth are productive and participating fully in nation building.

Speaking at the event, the Information,Communication and Technology (ICT) CS, Joe  Mucheru noted that the availing of free internet at the amphitheater would provide the much needed platform for the youth to exhibit their talents as well as earn a living by working online, including streaming their concerts, music shows, poetry to online audiences.

He  commended Seacom for availing the internet services to the residents of the coastal city, saying digital network would transform many lives.

“The internet enables you to get paid money for your talent and with collective management we will engage organizations, including Skiza so that your music may be played and paid for,” stated Mucheru.

He added that the President is keen to ensure that the youth are positively engaged, particularly in activities that would help them earn a living and commended the residents for prudently utilizing the facility.

By  Joseph  Kamolo

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