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NPSC holds pre-recruitment and career guidance forum in Kwale

The National Police Service Commission (NPSC) has conducted pre-recruitment and career guidance forums in Kwale County ahead of the nationwide police constable recruitment drive.

The sensitization forums dubbed ‘police pre-recruitment clinics’ are to prepare youths as they seek to join the service and also to guarantee the commission of recruiting qualified and competent personnel.

In addition, the forums expose youths to the dos and don’ts as they prepare for the recruitment exercise which the NPSC hopes to be free and fair countrywide.

Recruitment of police constables is set for March 24th and the commission is seeking to recruit 5,000 constables to replace those who exited the service.

Upon recruitment, the police constables shall be trained to work in different security departments such as Kenya Police Service, Administration Police Service, Directorate of Criminal Investigations, Internal Affairs Unit, and General Service Unit.

NPSC is an independent commission established under chapter 15 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and it’s mandated to recruit and appoint persons to hold or act in the police service, confirm appointments and determine promotions and transfers within the National Police Service.

Speaking during the pre-recruitment and career guidance forum held at Kwale Cultural Center, Deputy Director Human Capital Management officer (HCM) in the commission, Esther Mwatha, said the forums will help the commission get disciplined officers during the recruitment exercise.

Mwatha added that over the decades, the police service has been absorbing thousands of youths into its system without properly guiding them during early stages thus contributing to misconduct.

“This time round we don’t need any internal and external interference and irregularities because we want the recruiting officers to be fair to all,” she said. She asked the youths who will be joining the commission to uphold the law and serve the country diligently.

“Like any other career, you are required to work within the provisions of the law. Above all, being in the police service is a duty to serve your country and not violate the law,” said Mwatha.

The Deputy Director asked the youths to observe integrity as they present themselves for the recruitment.

Mwatha added that the recruitment process is free and youths should report recruitment officers and other officials who will be soliciting bribes from them.

“Bribery is highly condemned in the police service commission and we don’t allow people to practice that vice. The whole process is free because it’s you who is giving services to the country and not the country offering services to you,” she said.

She asked the youths in the coastal county to ensure they work on their qualifications so that they may easily be recruited.

“Majority of the youths don’t have basic requirements such as Tax Compliance Certificate from the Kenya Revenue Authority and they end up being turned down. Make it a habit to have all the documents ready to avoid frustrations and grab these golden opportunities,” Mwatha said.

Further, she urged the youths to keep away from drug and substance abuse as they will lock themselves out of the recruitment process.She said since 2013, the commission has recruited 43,248 police officers to increase the number of security personnel serving in the NPS.

Mwatha said the sensitization forums are some of the key reforms introduced in the NPSC to enhance quality service delivery to the country.

The Deputy Director asked the members of the public to develop close working relations with police officers to curb incidents of crime in the community.

Kwale County Police Commander (CPC), Steve Oloo, asked the youth to meet all the requirements during the recruitment day to avoid blaming the recruitment officers for turning them down.

“Those hoping to be recruited should meet all the requirements. The notion that jobs are bought should come to an end. We won’t need money to recruit but because of the high numbers of attendees, we are forced to be strict so that we can get the right people,” said Oloo.

The police commander asked the youths to refrain from criminal activities which could affect their career in the future. “Any criminal record can make you miss a life-changing opportunity and it’s high time you stop committing crimes for your own good,” Oloo said.

Among the key criteria for recruitment as police constables, is the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) with a mean grade of D+ and above, National Identity Card (ID), certificate of good conduct from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI), Tax Compliance Certificate from Kenya Revenue Authority among others.

Oloo said in Kwale County, the recruitment exercise shall be done in Matuga Sub- County at Matuga Baraza Park, Kinango Sub County at Vurugani Stadium, Lunga Lunga Sub County at Lunga Lunga Stadium Ground, and Msambweni Sub County at Msambweni stadium.

By Raymond Zaka and Hussein Abdullahi

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