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Kenya Hosts 3rd East African Regional Tourism Summit

Kenya is hosting the 3rd East African Regional Tourism Summit at the Kenyatta International Conventional Centre (KICC) in a bid to showcase the diverse and captivating tourist destinations across Eastern Africa.

The event aims to foster collaboration among East African nations and promote the region as a prime tourist destination.

Speaking during the summit’s official inauguration, Tourism and Wildlife CS Dr. Alfred Mutua highlighted Kenya’s commitment to tourism, emphasizing its significant role in revenue generation.

Dr. Mutua stressed the importance of building regional circuits to attract more visitors to Eastern Africa.

Drawing inspiration from countries with low populations, such as the Bahamas, Spain and Israel, the CS underscored Kenya’s unique position with a wealth of tourist attractions, particularly its renowned wildlife.

Despite the comparative abundance of attractions, he called for strategic efforts to increase tourism.

Connectivity emerged as a key focus, with Dr. Mutua calling upon the aviation industry to play a pivotal role as a connecting tool between continents.

Enhancing transportation links within the East African region, asserted Dr. Mutua will contribute significantly to boosting the number of tourists.

The CS also emphasized the importance of ensuring the comfort of tourists during their visit, issuing instructions to all game parks to enhance facilities, including more washrooms.

Furthermore, he advised accommodation managers in hotels to acquire resuscitating machines to address potential medical emergencies, particularly cases of heart attacks, aimed at ensuring the safety and well-being of tourists.

The 3rd East African Regional Tourism Summit serves as a platform for East African countries to collaborate, share insights and collectively promote the rich heritage of attractions the region has to offer.

Meanwhile, as the event unfolds, it is expected to pave the way for a new era of regional tourism cooperation and growth.

By Venah Onyango and Juma Nalami

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