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Kenya on right path towards achieving food security

Kenya is committed to strengthening African Union-European Union cooperation and strongly supports the agreed interventions for sustainable agri-food production systems to transform the sector and feed its citizens.

Crop Development PS Kello Harsama with Senator the Hon. Murray Watt, the Australian Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. Photo courtesy

Crop Development Principal Secretary (PS) Kello Harsama, who represented Kenya at the AU and EU Agriculture Ministerial Conference in Rome, Italy, said Kenya recognizes the significance of resilient food systems in mitigating the impacts of climate change, reducing food waste, and ensuring access to nutritious food for all.

Harsama underscored the importance of the conference as a major catalyst for agricultural transformative actions in relation to deliberating on resilient food systems and focusing on sustainable agricultural value chains.

“I am confident that this conference will serve as a catalyst for transformative actions, bringing us closer to our shared goal of resilient food systems and sustainable agricultural value chains,” he said.

The government, the PS said, is working on modalities to strengthen existing bilateral trade and explore new world markets for farmers to efficiently access the international market by harmonizing policies that hinder smooth trading.

Harsama said Kenya is on the right path towards achieving food security, adding, “I am happy that President William Ruto’s aggressive diplomatic agenda towards agriculture is bearing fruit. Every other Western country is familiar with Kenya’s food security agenda. This is encouraging and shows our strides towards achieving food security in the country.”

The PS engaged in a further consultative meeting with the President of the International Fund of Agricultural Development (IFAD), Alvaro Lario, to enhance IFAD support to Kenya on sustainable agricultural systems, where he thanked them for their continued support.

On the sidelines of the AU and EU Agriculture Ministerial Conference, Harsama also held talks with Senator the Hon. Murray Watt, the Australian Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry, to discuss the possibility of Kenya exporting Avocado, Macadamia, flowers, fresh vegetables, tea, and coffee to the foreign country.

The leaders agreed to invite Australian manufacturers to come and establish food processing plants in Kenya to boost value addition and export, which will create jobs for Kenyans and accelerate the agricultural value chain.

Meanwhile, Kenya is looking forward to productive deliberations and fruitful outcomes that will shape the future of agriculture in Kenya, Africa, and the European Union.

By Ian Chepkuto

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