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Kenya Power disconnects homes with illegal connections

Kenya Power in Nyamira County has disconnected electricity from over 100 homes which are illegally connected.

The  KPLC Branch Manager in Nyamira County, Duncan Machuka confirmed while addressing the press in his office, saying illegal connections in the county is not only plunging the company into huge losses but also posing a great risk to legally connected users.

“KPLC has been forced to disconnect several homes within the county who have been illegally connected to the national power grid without following due processes since they are the ones disadvantaging the legal consumers with endless power outages in the county,” the manager observed.

“We are also tracking those who masquerade as KPLC employees to arrest them and charge them before a court of law since they take advantage of unsuspecting clients and con them in the name of connecting them with power yet they are only undertaking illegal transactions,” Machuka added.

“We are doing regular surveillance on our power lines for any illegal connections because the threat they pose to people’s lives and company’s economic fortunes will not be treated lightly,” he warned.

He urged Nyamira County residents who want to seek the services of KPLC to ensure that they follow the due process of acquiring power to their homesteads since they are more than willing to connect them with power instead of inconveniencing the company which struggles to rectify the mess created through illegal connections.

The  Manager further advised that residents can always use the company’s digital platform named JuaForSure by sending the staff member’s number to 95551 to ensure they are dealing with the right employee on matters electricity.

Machuka hinted that Nyamira County government want a partnership with them in a project that intends to light major towns within the county which had earlier on installed solar lamps that stopped functioning shortly after installation due to poor maintenance strategies and have since left those towns without power posing a security threat.

By  Deborah Bochere/Dan Nyamanga

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