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Kiambu County partners with USAID to promote food security

Kiambu County Government has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) that will promote the growth of food security in the County.

While addressing the press at the Kiambu County Headquarters Wednesday, the County Governor Dr James Nyoro welcomed the initiative saying that the collaboration with the USAID would spearhead the growth in agriculture which was a key economic activity in the county.

The Governor explained that with the support from the US government, Kiambu residents would benefit from initiatives like Feed the Future Programme (FTP) which addresses on the root causes of hunger and poverty.

He noted that through the collaboration, small holder farmers would similarly benefit from new methods of farming, improved veterinary services on their animals and improved methods of crop farming. The residents will also access new market opportunities for their products from the US government, he said.

Dr. Nyoro also noted that the new programs were meant to unlock the county’s potential in agriculture as farmers would have access to clean water for drinking and cultivation, energy, access to modern farming tools and opportunities that would enable them to uplift themselves out of the hunger and poverty which would in turn fuel the county’s prosperity.

The governor further added that his administration was well committed to serving the people of Kiambu and welcomed any form of partnership from either the private sector or the non-government organizations in a bid to ensure that there was enough food supply for the people of Kiambu and other counties at large.

Kiambu County is among the eight prosper counties selected by the USAID to sign the MOU between the US government and the Kenya trade agreement.

The governor lauded the USAID officers for choosing Kiambu County from among many in the Mount Kenya region saying it was such a privilege that would help spur development of the Kiambu County.

A section of the Kiambu farmers have expressed their gratitude to the new administration. One such farmer Amos Kamau said that since Governor Nyoro took over the office, farmers issues were now being addressed easily adding that the new programs to be initiated would help boost their farm production, hence put more money in their pockets and improve their standards of living.

By Brian Ndung’u and Lydia Shiloya




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