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Murang’a Assembly questions preparedness against covid-19 virus

Members of Murang’a Assembly want the county department of health to explain its preparedness to tackle any case of coronavirus.

The MCAs On Wednesday adjourned the day’s business to discuss about the diseases which is posing a threat globally leading World Health Organization (WHO) to declare it a global pandemic.

Standing on a point of order, nominated MCA Elizabeth Wambui said there were many Chinese nationals in the county who were engaged in infrastructure construction works the local there were interacted with especially at the grassroots were not aware of the deadly disease.

The county government, she said, should have names and personal details of all Chinese working in the county so as to be alert of any entrance of a new worker from China which is mostly hit by the virus.

Wambui observed that many of the roads being constructed in the county and also construction of Northern water collector tunnel is being done by Chinese engineers saying the foreigners kept on moving in and out of the country.

She cast doubt that the county government is well prepared to tackle any case of coronavirus saying measures should be put in place to save residents from disease.

“I doubt if in county hospitals there are plans put in place to tackle the disease which is causing deaths in foreign countries. We thank God that at present Kenya has not reported any case of coronavirus but that does not mean we should not be prepared to tackle the disease,” added Wambui.

The MCAs further said the department of health should be out to educate and sensitize the residents about coronavirus and how to avoid contracting the disease.

“Let public health officers embark on public forums and educate our people about the disease. It’s good for all residents to be conversant about coronavirus,” she added.

The chairperson of the assembly’s committee on health Sarah Njoroge promised to get answers from the county executive member for health and report back to the assembly within a period of two weeks.

“Mr. Speaker I request my committee to be given two weeks so as to get information about the matter raised on coronavirus. We will table a report about the same in this house within a period of 14 days,” added Njoroge.

By Bernard Munyao and Aurelia Wanjiru


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