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Kiambu Leadership Take Covid 19 Jab

Kiambu Governor James Nyoro and his deputy Dr. Joyce Wanjiku Ngugi took the Covid 19 jab at Kiambu Level 5 hospital to reassure residents that the vaccine was safe.

Governor Nyoro encouraged residents and particularly the health workers targeted for the first phase of the inoculation  come forward for the vaccine to cushioned them against contracting the highly contagious virus

 He dismissed negative talks going round about the safety of the vaccine insisting that the drug had undergone all necessary measures before the World haelth organization authorized its use.

“There has been a lot of discussions from the public with some doubting the efficacy of the vaccine saying the bottom line is that it is safe.” He further noted that it was safer to be vaccinated than to contract Covid 19 which ended up being extremely expensive to treat.

“As everyone is aware that there is the third wave of Covid 19 and our county has not been spared and we have quite a number of patients and for every three of them two are under oxygen and therefore it is a serious disease,” he said.

He therefore encouraged residents and in particular the health care workers because they now have enough dosage for them and they should come forward because they are the ones who are mostly exposed.

He added that their target is to make sure that they request for additional dosage for the vaccine rather than counting numbers.

 He also said that this is the second county to receive the vaccine after Nairobi because of the population and emphasized that it is safe so people should avail themselves as it is part of their long-term program for improving the health services.

 He also says that the county is lucky to have bulk oxygen as we are among the first few counties to equip the health institutions saying it had come in handy especially during the time when many patients were admitted in specific hospitals.

The governor added that the oxygen had contributed a lot in aiding doctors to perform surgeries that would have been done in hospitals out of the country. Senior officers in the County Government  of Kiambu also received the jab owing to their busy schedules  that resulted in them interacting with many people.

by Lydia Shiloya/Harriet Ngami

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