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Kiambu Liquor traders petition for license waivers

The Kiambu Liquor Welfare Group has written a petition to the County Assembly of Kiambu to consider a Waiver of 2021 Liquor License Fees and permits due to the negative effects of Covid-19 pandemic.

The Group that comprises Liquor traders with territorial jurisdiction of Kiambu County, has representatives within the 60 wards in Kiambu and are led by their Chairman, Mr Richard Kagiri.

Kiambu County Assembly board. Photo by Grace Naishoo

In their petition the group attributed the government directives on March 23, 2020 to indefinitely close bars, hotels and restaurants business for seven months and closed again for a month on March 26, 2021 as a measure to control the spread of Covid-19 global pandemic, as their challenge

The petition further argued that even after the bars where opened the operating hours and seating capacity in their business premises where drastically reduced due to social distancing measures, thus making it much more difficult for them to meet operation overheads

The four paged-document signed by the Group Chairman and its members, stated their petition which includes;

  • That liquor license fees and permits on bars, hotels and restaurants for 2021 calendar year, be waived in total, due to the adverse effects of Covid-19 lockdowns, closure of business and the subsequent scaled down of operating hours.
  • The County Assembly to legislate on the control of production, sale and consumption of local traditional opaque brew which attracts no tax yet it is brewed and consumed without any guidelines.
  • The County Assembly legislate on the control of sale and consumption of DEFCO (Defense Forces Canteen) alcoholic drinks, currently being sold to the general public at the police and/or prison canteens at a cheaper price which attracts no tax bringing unfair trade practice and competition to the bar owners who sell alcoholic drinks that attracts tax.

Speaking to KNA, Mr Kagiri said, the liquor licensing is a devolved function under the provisions of part II of the fourth schedule to the constitution of Kenya 2010.

Hence it is within the powers of Kiambu County Assembly to consider any matter within its authority, including enacting, amending or repealing any of its legislation.

The petition is, therefore, expected to be presented to the county assembly within the course of the week when all the group representatives from the 60 Wards in Kiambu have signed the petition form.

By Grace Naishoo

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