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Expect rains next week, Met says

Most parts of Kiambu County are set to experience sunny dry conditions this week, with few high places receiving light showers and thunder clouds.

Speaking to KNA today when giving the County weekly forecast for 5th April to 11th April, the County Director of Meteorological Services, Dr. Magdalene Gateri said that this is caused by the activities happening in the Indian Ocean.

She explained that there is warming in the ocean causing the formation of cyclones which deny our region moisture.

“There is a lot happening in our waters. We had cyclone Halima though it has died. We currently have cyclone twenty-three in the Eastern Indian Ocean denying our region moisture,” she explained.

She however noted that the cyclones are not predictable, they come and go, and are common during this season.

Gateri said that the rains may appear again next week, therefore farmers who have already planted should not worry.

According to the meteorological department, few places in the county recorded rainfall during the second half of last week, a condition expected to continue this week.

Sunny intervals are expected during the day while nights are likely to be cloudy. However, there is a possibility of occasional afternoon and night showers occurring over a few places.

Gateri explained that today, the afternoon will experience sunny conditions with few low clouds and thunder clouds at night over most places.

Tomorrow morning will be partly cloudy over most places while afternoon will be sunny and the night will have low clouds and thunderstorms.

On Friday, April 8, the County will experience cloudy conditions in the morning and afternoon while at night there will be light showers over most places.

The weekend of Saturday, April 9 and Sunday 10th will experience clouds in the morning while the afternoons will be sunny but the nights will experience light showers.

Monday, 11th April will experience cloudy conditions over most places in the morning and afternoon with possibilities of thunderstorms at night.

By Lucy Mwikali

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