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Kiambu to hold investors conference in December

Kiambu County plans to hold an Investors’ Conference in December in efforts to accelerate value addition and industrial growth for wealth creation and development.

Governor James Nyoro, said his Administration is in the process of coming up with investment prospectus, to showcase existing investment opportunities to the local and international investors.

“If it is in Tatu City, Kiambu town, Kikuyu, Ruiru, Thika or any other place, we shall give you the prospectus with various potential option and incentives, that we shall offer to help you make informed decision on which area you would like to choose to invest in,” said Nyoro while addressing the press in Ruiru.

Some of the areas to venture will range from sports, culture, talent, film, milk, banana and pineapple processing, among many other investment opportunities.

The Governor said if investors’ take-up the County investment opportunities, the county’s growth will accelerate, as they will offer a market for local goods in their industries, as well as offer local residents employment opportunities.

He said the county’s proximity to the country’s capital, Nairobi, makes it the best choice for investors to put up their investment.

“Kiambu has the potential to grow even faster and we shall use such conferences to woo more investors to put up more industries as they are assured of incentives, markets, and nearness to Nairobi and its opportunities thereof,” he said.

The Governor at the same time disclosed that the County is in the process of coming-up with a blueprint to establish and plan for County needs for the next 19 years in efforts to make it a first class County.

The write-up, dubbed Kiambu 2040, will among others establish population projections against its needs and plan on ways to address the needs.

He said the blueprint will act as a foundation which future National and County Governments will rely on to effectively address its population needs.

Nyoro said the County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP), does not offer adequate data to plan on future county needs, thereby, impeding development projections.

The plan which will be participatory will be able to project population in relation to housing, job and water and establish opportunities to harness to be able to address the needs.

“We will, therefore, be informed by the blueprint before we start development projects. We shall be able to establish water, waste management, housing and other needs for effective planning. We shall start to see the kind of Ruiru, Thika, Kikuyu and all Sub-counties that we are going to have in the next five, 10, 20 years. It will, therefore, inform future governments on planning for its population,” he said.

By Muoki Charles

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