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Kibabii University donates textbooks to Bungoma

Kibabii University has donated 13,000 textbooks to 13 primary and secondary schools across Bungoma County to enhance a reading culture among learners and hone their skills.

Addressing Journalists at the University grounds during the release of the books, Kibabii Vice Chancellor Prof. Ipara Odeo said the book harvest is a result of a partnership between Rongo University, African Library project and Kibabii University.

“This good idea of book donation is an initiative of Kibabii University, Rongo University and African Library project that came together with a common agenda of empowering our schools with knowledge,” he said.

Prof. Odeo said that apart from donating books to schools, the three institutions also take librarians from selected schools through basic training which helps them to know how to set up and run a library to attract high readership from the school and the community.

The VC urged teachers to use the books to train learners on how reading books can transform their lives.

By Lydia Wafula and Roseland Lumwamu


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