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Kigumo MP roots for a dam to increase water supply

Kigumo MP Joseph Munyoro has called on the government to commence construction of the proposed Irati dam which would see an increase of water coverage in the constituency.

Munyoro said some weeks ago, he had initiated talks with the leadership of Athi Water Development Works Agency on the construction of the dam proposed to be done at upper parts of Kigumo.

Speaking when he met residents of Kinyona ward the MP observed that his constituency was disadvantaged when it comes to water connections noting that water supplied to Nairobi is sourced from Ndakaini dam which gets water from streams originating from Kigumo.

He said once the dam is constructed, challenges of water, especially at lower parts of the constituency which receive minimal rains, would be solved.

“It was unfortunate that much of the water consumed in Nairobi and its environs is fetched from rivers originating in Kigumo yet the locals suffer as they search for the important commodity,” he said.

The Irati dam is proposed to supply water to the local areas including Muthithi, Kahariro, Kahumbu, and Ndugamano.

“The lower parts have been discriminated against for a long time as they are forced to fetch water from boreholes and streams. Construction of the dam is overdue and once completed, the entire constituency will have piped water ending the era of residents trekking for long distances to access clean water for domestic use,” stated Munyoro. 

He added that the neighbouring Maragua constituency has its Maragua dam that was designed for use in the lower part of the constituency.

The legislator further noted that the Karinga- Kinyona Irrigation scheme is earmarked to be implemented to support horticulture farming and food production in the locality.

Meanwhile, on stalled Mau Mau road, Munyoro said elected leaders from Murang’a were pushing to ensure its completion so as to connect the counties east of Aberdare forests with those in the Rift Valley for economic gains.

He explained that Kigumo and Kangema residents would enjoy the Mau Mau road as they have the highest kilometres compared to other constituencies, hence they would reap more benefits.

By Bernard Munyao

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