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Food prices go down in Kitui as farmers record bumper harvest

The cost of food in Kitui County has gone down since last month owing to increased supply of food commodities by area farmers in local markets. 

With Elnino rains pounding the vast County over the last four months, majority of farmers have recorded a bumper harvest thus significantly leading to reduced cost of food prices in the region. 

A spot check by Kenya News Agency (KNA) on prices of food commodities at local food markets in the county, revealed reduced prices and especially for cereals, vegetables and fruits.

While speaking to KNA, Mary Kasyoka, a cereals trader at Kalundu Market in Kitui township ward, attributed reduction of prices of cereals to their increased supply by local farmers who currently have them in plenty. 

“With successful rain season and as well crop yields, local residents who double as farmers and our customers, have turned to be our cereals suppliers thus resulting to increased supply while also reducing the demand, ” said the cereals trader.

Kasyoka, a mother of two, explained that her customers have opted to enjoy the fruits of their farms’ labour hence consuming their homegrown food, while also selling some to buy other basic needs.

A local farmer David Muema whom the News Agency caught up with while supplying his fresh harvested green maize to a trader at Kalundu market, said he primarily relies on farming. 

“I rely on farming for my income and thanks for receiving enough rains for I am now reaping from my hard work at my farm after the end of October – December rain season,” he said.

“I have a farm where I plant various types of vegetables and various types of cereals such as maize, beans, cowpeas, pigeon peas among others.  I therefore don’t have to go to the market to buy vegetables since I have fresh produce in my garden,” said Maria Mulinge, another resident and farmer while Speaking to KNA.

Maria proudly expressed her satisfaction saying plucking a ripe tomato or fresh kale leaves from her shamba is remarkable.

Prices of onions have climbed down from last month’s sale price of Sh160 per one kilogramme, to current price of Sh130.

Other food commodities that prices have reduced include tomatoes and potatoes with one kilogramme of tomatoes dropping from Sh60 to Sh50. 

The price of garlic has also come down from Sh600 per kilo to Sh550 while fresh maize prices have dropped from from Sh50 to Sh10 per a piece.

Food commodities such as green grams, millet and sorghum have maintained their prices selling at Sh120, Sh80 and Sh90 since onset of the October – December to date.

The cereals’ traders at Kitui town have lamented storage challenges of excess stock maize due to less demand for the cereals.

By Happiness Thomas

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