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Kikuyu elders want leaders to prioritise development

Members of the Kikuyu Council of Elders are calling on elected leaders from Murang’a to shun divisions and unite for the benefit of the community.

The elders, led by their chairman, Mr. Wachira Kiago, expressed concerns about some incidents where a section of elected leaders and their followers resorted to using social media platforms to insult and exhibit political differences.

The elders were speaking on Saturday at Kahuro grounds during a ceremony to install Mr. Peter Mareri as the new county chairman of the council after the retirement of Father Joachim Kitonga, who has served as county chairman of the council for 18 years.

Kiago said the differences, if not checked, may escalate and cause divisions among residents of Murang’a, thus denying them developments, and observed that as elders, they are ready to give counsel where needed, saying the leaders should forget about the last elections and focus on delivering their promises to wananchi.

“Leaders should forget past elections and focus on saving their people from the hardships they are going through. The differences, animosity, and insults being witnessed currently are of no benefit,” noted Kiago.

The sentiments of the elders come at a time when there is a bitter exchange between followers of Murang’a County Woman Representative Ms. Betty Maina and those of Maragua MP Ms. Mary Waithera, who are accusing Water Cabinet Secretary Ms. Alice Wahome of doing little to ensure Murang’a residents get water.

“We call for the respect of all leaders and let them work together since the divisions will cause us developments as they will be diverted to other areas,” added Kiago.

“This region is having numerous challenges affecting our people, like alcoholism, abuse of drugs, and unemployment, and these are issues we want the leaders to address instead of the differences,” he said.

The chairman further said that as a council of elders, they will continue to propagate and support the entrenchment of Kikuyu culture and traditions among the young people from the region.

“We have a responsibility to ensure continuity of our culture as we educate the young generation about our traditions and how to avoid being introduced to some antisocial behaviours like gayism and homosexuality,” noted Kiago.

His sentiments were echoed by the council’s Secretary General, Mr. James Ng’ang’a, who said the country needs unity, saying the differences witnessed during past general elections should be a thing of the past.

“This is the time to serve Kenyans; let’s forget divisions that arose during the last elections as candidates of various elective positions campaigned. The country needs peace and unity to prosper and tackle the economic challenges bedevilling the nation,” observed Ng’ang’a.

The newly installed chairman, Mareri, called for concerted efforts by all stakeholders to tackle the alcoholism menace affecting scores of young people.

Mareri noted that increased alcoholism in the region poses a danger to future generations, saying that as members of the council, they will organise meetings in all sub-counties and sensitise young people on effects of alcohol.

“In every sub-county, as members of the council of leaders, we will engage our children, especially those in schools, and educate them on how to avoid being indulged in alcoholism and drugs. Already, we have reached university and college leaders from Murang’a so as to plan and make the sensitization forums a success,” said Mareri.

By Bernard Munyao

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