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Kilifi County unveils new Counter Violence Extremism Action Plan

Kilifi County Government has unveiled a new action plan for prevention and countering violent extremism in efforts to enhance security and peace stability in the region.

The Kilifi County Action Plan (CAP) launched in 2018, is focusing on 8 main pillars including ideology, politics, economic issues, media and the internet as the main areas of focus to guide the fight against violent extremism.

The Office of the Governor, County Commissioner, National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) and Kenya Community Support Centre (KECOSCE) organization developed the action plan through their Peace and Stability Programme aimed to reduce violent extremism, political and resource-based conflicts in the County.

During the launch at the Chief’s office lawn in Kilifi town, County Executive Committee member for Gender, Social Services, Culture and Sports, Cyrilus Mwangome, who represented the Governor, said the County Government has been at the forefront in designing mechanisms to curb violence by developing peace policies.

Mwangome lauded the efforts by the stakeholders in developing the document, adding that the security agencies from the national government will be key in helping the County Government’s efforts in the implementation of the action plan.

“We as a devolved government will support all efforts of the national government and the security units, to ensure that we provide every necessary support and make Kilifi County to remain safe and have a good environment for prosperity in terms of socio-economic and political aspects,” Mwangome said.

Kilifi County Commissioner Kutswa Olaka, said the action plan has included all aspects of life in the county to close gaps that terror groups can use to recruit youth to engage in violence and other terror activities.

He cited the misuse of religion in convincing people to join and execute terrorism, saying the current plan layout has involved all the religious leaders, their followers and the community at large in eradicating extremist ideologies and radicalization.

“The important thing is that when we have anti-terrorism talks, we must realize that this is not a religious issue but a matter of people who have been misled. They use religion as an excuse to achieve their goals,” he said.

According to KECOSCE organization Executive Director Phyllis Muema, the remodeled action plan is aimed at development of prioritized and measurable activities that can effectively respond to the security threat.

“KECOSCE organization, which is implementing the Resilience, Peace and Stability Programme in the County, has supported the process for remodeling the document which has been deemed as a master plan for the stability of the County,” he said.

He said Citizens’ safety is a very important factor, a reason why they have had discussions with every stakeholder and developed a guideline to ensure that every citizen is involved in security matters.

The County Action Plan will be implemented under the joint leadership of the Governor and County Commissioner of Kilifi County. They will work with a team of stakeholders to monitor and implement the day-to-day management as well as work with the County Engagement Forum (CEF) that will meet quarterly and on a need basis.

By Jackson Msanzu and Harrison Yeri


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