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Kimemia urges residents to support BBI

Nyandarua Governor Francis Kimemia has lashed out at leaders opposing the constitutional amendment proposals, as residents called for unity among the county’s leadership.

In what seemed like a move to water down speaker Ndegwa Wahome’s efforts to enlighten the residents on the Building Bridges Initiative, Kimemia accused the leaders who initially opposed the Bill for trying to sabotage BBI programs in the county.

The amendments, he said, were meant to devolve more funds that would in turn mean more development, since the county did not plan to increase on its recurrent expenditure. “There was a plan by some individuals to sabotage BBI programs in our county but let me assure you that BBI will not be sabotaged as it will pass even in other counties,” said Kimemia.

Speaker Wahome, who is on the receiving end for criticizing Governor Kimemia’s regime, is seen as a black sheep in the county’s quest for constitutional changes.

The governor is said to have sponsored a motion for Ndegwa’s impeachment. His ouster has since been halted by the court until a case he filed is heard and determined, allowing him to spearhead the public participation forums across the county.

            County Commissioner, Benson Leparmorijo, who accompanied the governor in rallying for the BBI in Mairo Inya trading centre during the public participation forum, noted that controversial clauses had been ironed out to ensure all benefitted from the changes.

“We are here to also verify that the document that you have been supplied with for civic education is actually the proposed document because we have reports that some leaders have distributed foreign materials as BBI documents. It is a pity that residents of Nyandarua are fond of seeking courts intervention even on matters that could be resolved amicably using other dispute resolution mechanisms,” said Leparmorijo, urging the residents to back President Uhuru Kenyatta on the agenda.

The residents, who gave the document a green light, called on harmony amongst the county leaders in a bit to forge a common front. “Our leaders here seem to be calm and at peace with each other and it is our hope that you will work together as the squabbles painted a bad picture of the county,” said Jotham Mbugua.

The forum at Catholic Hall in Mairo Inya brought the embattled county assembly speaker face to face with Kimemia and the county commissioner.

Ndegwa recently appealed to the Senate to look into the conduct of Leparmorijo, whom he accused of being used to interfere with the business of the county assembly.

by Anne Sabuni

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