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Kindiki warns politicians calling for demonstrations over Finance Bill

Politicians who are objecting to the passing of Finance Bill 2023, have been told to seek legal redress instead of calling for mass demonstrations.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Prof. Kithure Kindiki has said the government will not allow any leader to organize demonstrations, which will lead to the destruction of property.

He noted that the law must be adhered to, and no one will be permitted to bring hooligans to the streets, leading to disruption of people’s businesses and paralyzing transport, especially in major towns.

“Politicians have an avenue, that is, the parliament, to discuss and agree on grey areas in the bill, but not to incite Kenyans to go to the streets. The work we are mandated to do by the constitution is to protect the lives of Kenyans and their properties, so we will not sit and watch people’s lives and their property be put at risk,” he stated.

A section of opposition leaders led by Raila Odinga have threatened to call for demonstrations if the finance bill sails through in the parliament.

“The courts are there for one to seek legal redress if not satisfied with the outcome in the national assembly about the bill, but not to bring goons to the streets in the name of demonstration, endangering the lives of Kenyans,” he added.

Meanwhile, Kindiki, who was speaking in Murang’a Sunday, said he will champion the promotion of police officers who have performed exemplary duties.

He said there are security officers who have suffered when protecting the interests of the public and should be appreciated.

 “We are promoting the officers who have worked for the betterment of the public,” added the CS.

Kindiki said he was also concerned with rogue police officers who terrorized the public by collecting bribes.

He promised to deal with the rogue police officers to save the image of the dedicated security agents.

The CS further affirmed the need to rein in manufacturers and sellers of illicit brews, especially in the Mount Kenya region.

His sentiments came after a section of local leaders led by Maragua MP Mary Waithera requested the government intensify its war on illicit and counterfeit brews, which have affected the lives of thousands of young people.

Waithera alleged that some unscrupulous business people are bribing county officials responsible for issuing liquor licenses to get permits to continue selling fake alcoholic brands in the area.

She asked the Ministry of Interior, under the leadership of CS Kindiki, to involve local leaders and other stakeholders in order to win the war.

“I better lose my seat instead of condoning the sale of illicit brews and drugs to local young people. This menace will affect future generations in this region. We may lack leaders and responsible citizens if we allow excessive alcoholism to continue,” she remarked.

Her statements were echoed by Murang’a Women Representative Betty Maina, the county senator, Joe Nyutu, and nominated Senator Veronicah Maina, who promised to back the government’s efforts in the war against alcohol and drugs.

By Bernard Munyao

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