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Kiosks and shops near schools to be closed down

The  Trans  Nzoia County Commissioner (CC), Samson Ojwang has directed that all Kiosks close to schools be closed down as they act as entry points for drug peddling in learning institutions.

Addressing the county Education board at St. Anthony boys’ High School  on Tuesday, the CC said that his office is working with the county government to demolish the kiosks.

Ojwang said the move is aimed at minimising unrests in schools especially in second term when strikes are rampant.

The  CC  explained that Kiosks and other shops are supposed to be established at a minimum distance of 300 meters away from school boundary. “We will also zero in on bars and drinking dens that are close to schools,” he said.

The  board members noted that the challenge has been common in rural schools especially in Namanjalala where bars are located less than 200meters from school boundaries.

This comes as the county education board works out strategies to mitigate student’s unrests in schools within Trans Nzoia.

Ojwang  explained that school unrests are linked to drug and alcohol abuse among other factors and all measures must be taken to address the menace.

He also asked school management to work closely with security agencies in the region and report suspected incidents that could lead to destruction of property in good time.

Some other factors which the county education board identified as causing unrest in the learning institutions include lack of enough food for the students and poor learning environment.

The county education board asked school heads to provide a good working environment that is friendly to students.

“Schools should also enhance the quality of food, check on the student’s welfare, and have a good working relationship with the surrounding communities,” said  Ojwang.

He advised the county education board to focus on improving education standards in the county to help in developing enough human resource.

By  Pauline  Ikanda

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