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Kisumu in the process of implementing Affordable Housing

It is barely eight months since Kisumu County Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o launched a housing project that is expected to solve accommodation challenges in the area.

Kisumu planned to develop 3000 units of affordable houses by end of this year. Some 1700 units are under construction in Makasembo and 1300 units in Anderson estates in the urban areas of the lakeside city.

According to the County Director of Housing Mr Onyango Fredericks, 3000 units are set to be completed within 24 months if the project partners exude full cooperation.

In addition, the county has partnered with LAPFUND, a retirement benefits scheme catering for employees of County Governments, water companies, and other associated organizations to construct modern and affordable houses in Lumumba and Makasembo Estates.

Onyango hinted that the first phase of the project is completed with the designs of the units done and approved, fencing of the sites, gating and site offices ready built while LAPFUND is to bring the contractors.

With the ground-breaking set in August, the director said that as of now the local and international investors have expressed interest by writing to the County in a bid to be Public Private Partners in the set project.

The start of the project saw massive relocation of the residents with those affected being compensated about Sh96,000 per household to pave way for the project.

After the completion of the houses, the initial inhabitants shall be given first priority and then rendered open to other citizens and the employees of the county government as well as the retirees.

There was an accumulated debt which made the County Municipal to swap Lumumba project to LAPFUND for the progressive development of the estate.

The County Director of Housing stated that initially, the budget for the whole project was estimated at Sh800 million but it faced some financial constraints since the 2021/2022 budget had not been passed.

He noted that Covid-19 has also affected the whole programme in the county as most of the offices are on a partial lockdown and Kisumu is currently experiencing the spike of the virus.

Onyango expressed disgust at people politicizing the good plan they have, saying that it is not just a campaign rather the governor has a mandate to deliver and bring a change that people in Kisumu desire.

“Affordable housing is in the heart of the governor of this great county, his desire is that during his stay, he will deliver affordable houses and its among his agendas, our job as the department of housing is to make sure the goal is achieved and we are working hard to ensure that,” he said.

He called upon potential investors to collaborate with the county for the great project to be successfully implemented fully.

By Evangeline Mola and Joseph Otieno

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