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The establishment of a toll free Covid-19 call centre has proven to be a focal point in the fight against the spread of the virus in Kisumu County.

The facility which was launched in May 2020, now serves as the one-stop medical shop for residents of Kisumu and health officials seeking information and emergency response.

When it was unveiled, many people dismissed it saying it was a government stunt in a bid to appease the public, they did not see a call centre as a necessity in the fight against Covid-19.

The county department of health has now prioritized the centre as one of its key interventions aiding both contact tracing and emergency response in curbing the spread of the virus.

According to the County Director of Health Dr. Fredrick Oluoch, Kisumu is the only county with such innovation in the entire region, they are optimistic that the idea can be replicated to respond to other future emergencies.

“The call centre was one of the best ideas that came up that has helped us in the quest to reduce corona cases and if replicated can help us respond to other health issues in the future,” said Oluoch.

He said that many lives have been saved through the call centre and those who needed help reached on time. The centre has also helped in encouraging people to go for Covid-19 jab.

Therefore, when the same innovation is used to respond to other health related emergencies, it will improve the health sector in Kisumu.

Oluoch said the centre turned out to be successful because, Governor Anyang’ Nyongó took personal interest and equipped it with enough staff and 24 ambulances to respond to the matter.

The Centre was born out of a partnership between Governor Nyong’o’s administration, Maseno University and PharmAccess, and its toll-free number is 0800 720 575.

The residents have also urged the county government to use the call centre to respond to everyone that needs medical care as it has proved to be helpful during the pandemic.

By Evangeline Mola and Aphline Adhiambo

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