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Security beefed-up over cattle theft in Mavoko

Local administrators and Police personnel held a public baraza in Katani after increased cases of cattle theft that have been happening in Katani, Syokimau, Ngelani and Mlolongo in Machakos County.

There has been a surge in cattle theft over the last few months in the region and the security leaders called upon the locals and boda boda riders to come together and find a lasting solution.

Mlolongo Assistant County Commissioner Dennis Ongaga, who is also the Chairman of Mlolongo Division Security Committee speaking at the public baraza addressed the issue of insecurity, illicit brew as well as boda boda and livestock theft in the area.

Ongaga said since January over 600 cattle have been stolen and only a few had been recovered.

He said it was important for residents and security team to cooperate so that they can flush out culprits living among them.

“No one can just come from outside and steal our cattle, there must be an insider among us who is giving out personal information,” said Ongaga.

He added that they are profiling all the suspects while at the same time trying to block all the escape routes that they are using to transport the cattle.

The Assistant County Commissioner said the stolen livestock is usually sold in Kitengela, Kamulu and Nairobi towns.

Ongaga added they have formed a Grazing Committee so that any stranger keeping his livestock in the area should inform the village elder how many cattle they have and where they intend to stay during that period.

“The grazing committee is crucial because any stranger grazing his cattle here will first inform the village elder the number of cattle he has come with, give out his name, details and also his animals are to be counted before leaving,” noted Ongaga.

He also warned the locals against consuming meat from stolen animals that have not been treated or tested to avoid food poisoning which is now common in Katani and Mlolongo.

The Officer Commanding Mlolongo Police Station Joachim Kangangi said the only way they can solve the cattle theft is by working together and the locals revealing all the escape routes and suspects residing in the area.

He said that the safety of their property and cattle starts when everyone registers all the employees in his household at the chief’s office to avoid harboring criminals.

Kangangi noted that some employers do not know their employees details, thus increasing cattle theft and burglary.

“We suspect some of the casual workers who come for a short while and leave, yet we don’t know who they are and where they come from could be behind the ongoing crime incidents in the area,” said the OCS.

Kangangi told the locals and especially the boda boda riders to adhere to Covid-19 guidelines as issued by the government to avoid the spread of the killer virus.

In attendance was the Katani Chief Jane Kamande, Ngelani Assistant chief Makau, Katani Assistant Chief Nicholas Wambua and DCI officers among other security leaders.

By Ann Kangero

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