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Kitui police boss shoots man, injures barmaid over alleged bribery

Police in Kitui are investigating an incident in which the deputy OCPD shot a man and seriously assaulted a barmaid during a brawl inside a liquor store in Kalundu market.

The victim, Philip Mutunga, who was shot in the leg, said the officer was demanding a bribe after he found the “Red Carpet” wines and spirits shop operating at around 8pm.

“He demanded for Sh10,000 but we offered Sh3,000. He shot me while I was holding the cash,” narrated Mutunga at his house in Jordan estate in Kitui on Sunday.

Mutunga said he passed out due to excessive bleeding from the wound on his left leg and was rushed to Kitui County Referral Hospital where he was treated and discharged.

Nancy Joseph, the barmaid, said the officer hit her with a beer bottle on the forehead and inflicted serious cuts on her.

“He attacked me for no reason and seriously injured my face. I was treated and discharged,” she lamented tearfully and demanded that the Deputy OCPD be prosecuted for justice to be served.

The store owner Vincent Musyoka also claimed the rogue officer shot at him but missed.

“He shot at me but the bullet missed me by inches. We want him investigated and charged in a court of law for attacking the very people he should be protecting,” Musyoka said.

In the ensuing drama, another officer who was among cops responding to the incident shot himself in the foot after his AK-47 rifle accidentally went off.

He was also rushed to the Kitui County referral hospital for treatment.

Kitui County Police Commander Johana Tonui defended his officer saying he had been attacked by revelers at the liquor store prompting him to draw his firearm.

“He only meant to ward off the threat on his life but the gun accidentally went off injuring Philip on the left leg,” he said adding that investigations had commenced to get to the bottom of the shooting incident.
By Yobesh Onwong’a

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