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Koome’s appointment motivates women for leadership positions

The appointment of Ms Martha Karambu Koome as the third Chief Justice of Kenya by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) under the Constitution 2010 has motivated women in Narok County to express interest in leadership positions.

Various women interviewed by KNA said the appointment of Koome is a big proof that women too can hold high positions in the society and whatever a man can do, a woman can do better.

Ms Joy Kimei, a prominent business lady in Narok town said the humble beginning of the CJ appointee shows that any person regardless of the background is capable of achieving their dreams.

“This has motivated us women not to look down upon ourselves. In the past, we used to see only men appointed in key positions in the society. It is time we women also start fighting for the positions as we too are capable,” she said.

She praised Koome for the new position saying they were following keenly through the interviews conducted to ten candidates who had applied for the position and were satisfied that she performed better than all other candidates.

A former nominated member of County Assembly Ms Lucia Teeka said the appointment of Koome has motivated her to vie for an elective seat in the year 2022.

She expressed confidence that more women would be elected in various seats in the 2022 general elections as they are now sure that they too can lead.

“We should never leave men to go alone for the elective seats without challenging them. I encourage women to wake up and fight to be MCAs, Members of Parliament, senatorial and governorship positions,” she reiterated.

Teeka congratulated the CJ nominee expressing confidence that she will sail through parliament and the executive to be fully installed as the third CJ since the onset of the 2010 constitution.

“We have seen Koome fighting for the rights of women in the past. We request her to prioritize resolving land injustices cases that are rampant among widows and fighting gender related violence including Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) that is still rampant among the pastoralists’ communities,” she said.

Pastor Margaret Moonka of Narok Baptist Church also praised the CJ appointee saying most departments led by women in the country are performing well.

“Her appointment as CJ as a woman is a victory to all women in Kenya. This gives us confidence that we can achieve the one third gender rule that is enshrined in the constitution without much struggle,” she said.

By Ann Salaton

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