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Korara Special School in Bomet gets 3 million for development

Korara Special School for the Disabled in the Longisa division of Bomet East has begun the construction of a boy’s dormitory after receiving Sh3 million from the National Fund for Disabled Kenya.

Bomet East MP Richard Yegon urged leaders and good Samaritans to also come in and supplement the National Funds for Disabled Kenya’s (NFDK) efforts to improve the school’s infrastructure and purchase educational materials.

“Today, the National Funds for Disabled Kenya has aided our institution with Sh. 3 million for development, I am asking other stakeholders to join hands and improve the state of Korara Special School and the well-being of our learners,” said Yego.

Yegon further promised that the school will also be supported through the Constituency Development Fund to help the challenged children study like others.

In the meeting, the MP, among other leaders who were present, called on Azimio leader Raila Odinga to stop protests and allow the president to deliver on his mandate as per the Kenya Kwanza manifesto.

He asked the youth to shun protests and engage in activities that would bring fortune to the nation.

“I was once a youth, and if I were you, I would not be used in protests that have no good intentions. Leaders have been using youths but after they are on the wrong side of the law no leader will help them,” said the MP.

By Lamech Willy. A.

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