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Youth embrace unity in Busia 

A section of youth in Busia County has condemned a recent incident where a group of rowdy youths paralysed operations at County headquarters, claiming that the governor had ignored them.

Last Thursday, a group dubbed jobless paralysed operations at the County Government headquarters, blaming Governor Dr. Paul Otuoma for not fulfilling the promises he made to them during the 2022 General election campaigns.

The Busia Youth Alliance, led by President Lazarus Ojijo, now says a number of youth voted for the governor and no individual group should claim they were superior.

“There is a group of youth who now claim that they own this County and we hereby remind them that the youth from all the seven subcounties voted for the governor,” said Ojijo.

He added that the Public Service Board is mandated to establish an office for youth with clear guidelines to be followed.

“This idea of sabotaging the operations of the County government claiming that the governor has neglected the youth is therefore baseless,” he said.

The youth leader however, suggested that the governor come up with a youth forum to address challenges affecting young people.

The speaker of Busia Youth Alliance, Pascal Dominic, giving his sentiments to the press on Tuesday July 11, 2023

The speaker at the Youth Alliance Pascal Dominic, urged elected MCAs to declare their stand, whether they support the governor or not.

They vowed not to participate in the demonstration, which has been scheduled for Wednesday by Azimio la Umoja leadership.

They instead urged the youth to unite and support the government of the day so that it could deliver on its campaign promises.

By Victoria Magar and Gavin Ochoko

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