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KPCG push for Climate Change Amendments Bill 2023

The Kenya Platform for Climate Governance (KPCG) in collaboration with grassroots organizations, civil society and non- state actors hosted an event to discuss climate change Amendment Bill 2023.

KPCG consultant Dr. Wambua Kituku stated that the aim of the meeting was to assess gaps and opportunities in the proposed carbon markets mechanism and provide expert advice through the development of a policy brief.

“In 2023, the Ministry of Environment Climate Change and Forestry published the draft climate change (amendment) bill inviting public comments,” Kituku said.

Kituku further highlighted that the proposed legislation seeks to provide for a framework for development and implementation of carbon markets and non-market approaches as well as benefit sharing mechanisms relating to the markets.

The bill also proposes an amendment for composition and function of the climate change council.

Dr. Kituku appreciated the initiative by the Ministry of Environment Climate Change and Forestry for establishing a framework for regulation of carbon markets in Kenya however Dr. Wambua stated that the Ministry should initiate a comprehensive policy on carbon markets to provide anchorage for the Bill.

Dr. Kituku implored that the Ministry should rethink its approach on resolving the ensuing impasse over nominations to the Climate Change Council.

He encouraged the Ministry to safeguard the mechanism for public participation and stakeholder consultation enshrined in the Act especially in the absence of a national framework on the same.

“If anything, changes to the Climate change regime should seek to foster better compliance with human rights and protection of marginalized and vulnerable persons,” emphasized Kituku

The Chair Parliamentary Caucus on Climate Change lead by the MP of Njoro Constituency Charity Kathambi Chepkwony said that climate had caused food insecurity in the country which has mostly affected women and children.

“2.5 million livestock died, some areas affected by landslides, and high rise of food security in Kenya are contributed by climate change,” Chepkwony said.

By Lucy Gitei and Ali Sheikh Mohamed

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