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Kuwait Government supplies food to 1000 drought affected families in Mandera

The government of Kuwait has donated 45 metric tons of foodstuffs to residents of Mandera County.

The food distribution was conducted in Mandera East and is set to benefit some 1000 vulnerable households.

Yussuf Ahmed Abdi the deputy director (Kenya) for a nonstate agency known as ‘Direct Aid’ who was overseeing the food aid said it was aimed at assisting people in Mandera East sub-county affected by droughts and the subsequent floods.

He added each of the 1000 families will receive assorted food items consisting of 25 kgs rice, 5kgs sugar and beans, 6 kgs wheat flour and 3 liters of cooking oil.

“We will support all the other affected counties including the ones in Northern Kenya and the coast region,” added Yusuf.

Mandera Deputy Governor Ali Maalim has appealed for more assistance from other developmental local and international organizations.

“As we appreciate the Kuwait government and the Direct Aid agency, we appeal for more donations from other developmental organizations,” he said.

Mandera County Commissioner Amos Mariba appreciated the efforts of the Kuwait government as he asked for other well-wishers to provide not only food aid but also investment in irrigation and fish farming.

Mr. Mariba added Mandera is great county for huge potential hence more assistance is required among the residents

“Mandera is a safe and secure county, apart from the food supplies from different state and nonstate agencies we would like investment in fish farming and irrigation,” said the county boss.

He added, “I would like to ask our residents to help each other during this time of hard economy and eat the little you have with your neighbors.”

Halima Dahir, a beneficiary, thanked the Kuwait government for the noble donations as the floods have affected thousands of families in the county.

Mandera has lost over two million livestock to the drought and 100, 000 families affected by the devastating floods in the county.

By Adan Mohamed

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