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Kwale appeals for humanitarian support to help flood victims

Kwale County Government is appealing for immediate humanitarian assistance to support the families affected by unprecedented flooding.

Environmentalists contend that the El Nino climate event is responsible for raising global temperatures and aggravating extreme weather events around the globe.

A weeklong rainstorm inundated the coastal county with catastrophic flooding submerging houses, roads, and farmlands.

Area Deputy Governor (DG) Chirema Kombo has appealed for relief support for victims of the floods which claimed lives and displaced hundreds of families.

Kombo says the devolved government required support in terms of shelter, relief food and hygiene kits assistance to promote safe and healthy practices amid the ongoing El Nino induced rainfall.

Some 680 families have been displaced and rendered homeless by floods across the county and at least five people have died in what local authorities say is the worst flooding in recent years.

DG Kombo says the county has stepped up efforts to help more than 680 families displaced by the catastrophic flooding in most parts of the coastal county.

He says a recent report from the county disaster management team shows that a total of 1,400 families have been severely affected by the floods in one way or the other causing significant damage to their homes and livelihoods.

The DG says flash floods following heavy rains in recent weeks have displaced many residents while crops have been submerged in water.

He says the devolved unit in collaboration with the national government and aid agencies have been mobilizing resources such as food, tents and medical supplies to help the internally displaced persons currently taking shelter in schools.

“Looking at the precarious situation, the rains are expected to persist and as a devolved government we are ready to work with all and sundry to improve disaster resilience,’’ he said.

He spoke at the county headquarters after receiving assorted food and non-food items from Prof. James Njiru, the Director General of the Kenya Maritime and Fisheries Research Institute (KEMFRI).

The DG acknowledged the significant impact of the floods on the affected families and emphasized the importance of collective efforts in addressing the challenges faced by the displaced persons.

Kombo thanked KEMFRI for the kind gesture and show of compassion towards the flood victims.

The Deputy Governor also called upon other well-wishers, both within and outside the county, to extend their support to the flood-ravaged families.

Some of the food and non-food items received from the Kenya Maritime and Fisheries Research Institute (KEMFRI)

Prof. Njiru handed over a donation of essential items such as blankets, 720 kilos of beans, and 160 bags of maize flour which he said will go a long way in providing relief to the families affected by the recent floods in the region.

He says the State Corporation felt sorry for the flood victims who have lost so much in terms of livelihoods, homes, properties and even loved ones.

The KEMFRI Director General said the donation formed part of the organization’s objective to support the vulnerable in the society and hoped the donation would go a long way to relieving the plight of the flood affected victims.

County Red Cross Coordinator Mohammed Mwaenzi said the worst hit areas by the ongoing floods are in Msambweni, Lunga Lunga and Kinango sub counties.

He said many flooded areas of the county were inaccessible and there is a great risk of waterborne disease outbreaks and devastating long-term impacts on hunger as huge tracts of farmland remain covered by water.

By Hussein Abdullahi

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