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Kwale boda boda riders cautioned against operating without a license

More than 200 boda boda riders in Matuga constituency of Kwale operate without valid driving licenses risk their lives and that of their customers.

Speaking at the Youth and Empowerment Center in Kwale town, while enrolling them into a one-month driving classes, Matuga MP Kasim Tandaza said the majority of fatal accidents are caused by the reckless driving of boda bodas.

Tandaza said the number of riders without licenses was alarming if the entire Kwale county boda boda sector is included.

“The figure only represents Matuga mind you we have Kinango, Lunga-Lunga, and Mswambweni constituencies,” said Tandaza.

He said motorbike operators should take advantage of the learning opportunity he has offered them and bring sanity in the sector.

The MP said they should prioritize safety and value their lives in the sense that they have families to cater for.

He said the initiative will also reduce the daily loss they experience while trying to bribe traffic police officers to escape arrest.

“This will be a relief for you because that sh50 you used to throw down on roadblocks will be budgeted for something else that is meaningful,” said the MP.

The training will be under the Pro- Kenya Driving Institute and it will cost the constituency fund Sh1.5million.

Tandaza also cautioned boda boda riders against being involved in criminal activities saying that it ruins their business reputation.

The politician said some boda boda riders engage in illegal activities and asked them to change for the better.

“I love to be sincere, the majority of you guys are not good people when it comes to stealing, smuggling among other vices you are responsible and you know yourselves just keep off from those things,” he said.

Tandaza selected boda bodas riders for the training from Tiwi, Ng’ombeni, Kwale town, Tiribe, Lukore, and Mangawani sub-locations.

However, he urged police officers to foster good relationships with motorcycle operators to create a conducive working environment as they go through the four weeks training.

By Hussein Abdullahi

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