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Kwale county government to sponsor top performing students

Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya has said all students who scored 350 marks and above in the last Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) which is the threshold for joining national schools, will be sponsored.

Governor Mvurya said those students would receive full bursary scholarship for four years irrespective of the schools they will join.

“The teachers have done their job and as a county, we stand on our promise to support the students as they transit to the next level of education” he said.

He said there have been complaints of pupils who scored 350 marks and above national schools’ threshold marks and who got calling letters from Extra County and other schools could be left out in the county bursary program.

“I want to assure everyone that all students will be sponsored provided they have 350 marks and above,” said Mvurya.

The county boss who is serving his second and final term in office said this at Kituoni Primary School in Samburu-Chengoni ward during the prize giving ceremony.

He urged Kwale residents to ignore leaders peddling tribal politics.

“We have come a long way in development and we can only progress if we unite and reject tribal demagogues” he said.

He said he will not relax even though his term is coming to an end in August 2022 but will continue to serve Kwale people ‘who took the trouble to wake up early to vote for me and my Deputy Madam Fatuma Achani on election day in 2013 and 2017 general elections’

Governor Mvurya says those who will take Kwale forward in development are those who are selfless, focused and dedicated leaders.

He has said that his administration has done what it could over the last eight years and brought Kwale from an obscure position to the national limelight in many spheres of development.

“We have taken Kwale to the second position in matters development and health, and number one in education. Today, Kwale is respected among the 47 counties. We don’t want these gains lost after my tenure; we want this county to achieve even greater development after 2022” he said.

He went on “that is why I urge you to be very careful who you elect in 2022 and you know where I have advised you to go that is supporting my loyal deputy”.

Mvurya said that those seeking leadership using tribe, ethnicity, gender, division, disrespecting him and other leaders will not take Kwale anywhere.

“They are mere talk shows without anything to show. They will tell you very sweet, interesting stories but that’s the only thing you will get from them, not development,” he said.

By Hussein Abdullahi


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