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Lamu residents propagating hate speech put on notice

Lamu County Commissioner Louis Ronoh has put on notice residents spreading hate speech on social media platforms in the region.

The County Commissioner’s warning comes amidst a disturbing surge in social media hate speech among the local communities.

Ronoh emphasised that individuals found guilty of propagating hate speech online will face prosecution.

The county commissioner, speaking during the Mashujaa Day celebrations held in Witu, underscored the importance of unity and harmony among Lamu’s mixed communities.

He urged residents to engage in peaceful dialogue and respect one another, emphasising that hate speech could have dire consequences on the peace being enjoyed in the region.

Additionally, Ronoh called for the resolution of farmer-pastoralist conflicts through peaceful avenues, including peace ‘Barazas’ (meetings) and conflict resolution meetings.

He also encouraged farmers to seize the opportunity presented by the rainy season and cultivate crops for enhanced food security and highlighted the need for residents in wetland areas, particularly in Moa and Chalaluma, to relocate to higher ground areas in anticipation of impending El Nino rains.

Lamu County Governor Issa Timamy echoed Ronoh’s sentiments, emphasising the need for residents to abstain from participating in hate speech.

Timamy further emphasised the importance of heeding warnings issued by Internal Security Cabinet Secretary Prof. Kithure Kindiki.

He urged leaders to refrain from exacerbating community conflicts among Lamu residents, stressing the significance of unity and cooperation.

The Governor, currently on a three-day tour of the Witu area, further revealed that he and his county executive team are inspecting county government projects, especially those in the health sector.

“This initiative aligns with President Dr. William Ruto’s call for the adoption and provision of Universal healthcare coverage across the country,” Timamy said.

The governor also highlighted the importance of efficient healthcare delivery in Lamu, emphasising that the government is committed to enhancing the overall well-being of its citizens.

By Amenya Ochieng

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