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Land transactions suspended in Oldonyorasha group ranch

The state has suspended land transactions in the 1,300-acre Oldonyorasha Group Ranch in Narok south sub county following increased cases of fake title deeds used by conmen to decisive unsuspicious buyers.

Narok County Commissioner Evans Achoki said the resolution was reached after several complaints were raised on illegal land sales in the area, which had caused tension among the residents.

“We have suspended any land sale at Oldonyorasha group ranch until we investigate the concerns raised and come up with an amicable solution. I advise those with intentions to buy land in this area to hold on until we resolve the underlying issues,” said Achoki.

Achoki, who spoke to journalists yesterday, asked buyers to be careful when buying land by getting the legal map from the survey office and visiting the parcel of land, just to be sure it existed.

“Though land transaction is a willing-buyer and willing-seller agreement, those buying the land should see the land they are buying and physically buy the map from the survey office to confirm the land details,” he said.

In the last few days, residents of Oldonyorasha area have been up in arms claiming that their pieces of land had been subdivided afresh in the adjudication section that was subdivided 25 years ago.

The residents led by Narok Maasai Council of Elders chairman Kelena Ole Nchoe alleged that cartels have been working with unscrupulous land officers to subdivide and sell off the parcels of land.

“We want the government to intervene to avoid causing tension in this area. We are convinced that there are some government officials collaborating with ill-minded people bent on selling off land in this area without the real owners’ consent,” said Ole Nchoe.

One of the affected residents Dr. Patrick Ololpapit narrated how his 10-acre land had been sold off to another person, who already had been given a title deed behind his back.

He called for fast investigations saying the issue was causing tension among the residents who have lived in the area for many years.

Another resident Mzee Moses Marima said the land that he inherited from his parents was now under threat after unknown people-built structures on it claiming they had purchased the land legally.

Marima maintained that the Land Control Board should involve all family members in the purchase and selling of land.

By Ann Salaton


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