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Leader roots for women empowerment at grassroots level

Machakos Women representative Joyce Kamene is advocating for economic empowerment of women both at the national and grassroots level.

Kamene who spoke while addressing the press in Mutituni market in Machakos Thursday after issuing table-banking cheques worth thousands of shillings to 80 women groups said empowering women enables them take their rightful positions in building the economy.

She pointed that table-banking strategy has benefited women by enabling them raise investment resources to help them embark on their dream projects.

“Table banking is one of the initiatives that women can tap into and use to empower themselves and the society at large,” said Kamene.

She reiterated the need for women to venture into more viable business initiatives that will enable them pool resources together and consolidate their financial muscles.

“Table banking groups are revolutionizing` the small loans market. Although ours are informal, we are turning out to be better options for women” said Kamene.

“The main goal for our table-banking group is to allow members to access small loans. The practice helps women save money and access loans cheaply, a simple way to fight poverty” added Kamene.

She however cautioned women against misusing the table banking funds allocated to them and ensure that they use it to better their lives and that of their families.

“God has given us a responsibility to transform the lives of our children, our families and our communities. We are responsible for ensuring good health, education, good nutrition and peace in our families,” said Kamene.

Regarding the Coronavirus pandemic, the women representative urged Kenyans to heed to the government’s health guidelines in a concerted effort to curb the spread of Covid-19.

“Let us obey the rules and advice from Health Ministry. Whatever we have lost during this time of coronavirus will be restored in double portions as God restored for his faithful servants,” she added.

Kamene was flanked by Mututini Member of County Assembly Johana Munyao and other government officials.

Table banking is a concept of saving and borrowing where every member contribute money that is then loaned to those who wish to run business ventures then they pay with agreed interest.  At the end of the year, the profits are shared amongst members depending on number of shares per member. The balance remains as revolving fund for the following year.

By Rachael Kilonzo.

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