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Sankok calls on youth to work hard

Nominated Member of Parliament, David Ole Sankok has called on the youth in the county to embrace hard work to achieve their dreams.
Speaking during a youth engagement forum at African Hope Narok town Saturday, the former chairman of National Council for persons with disability excited the youth when he narrated his experience and rise to wealth and power through a changed mindset and willingness to achieve set targets.
“Everything starts with a vision, a change of attitude and believing in oneself. With these one can achieve anything,” he added.
Sankok cited his own example where a “medical mistake” opened up the world for his success and urged the youth to use their available opportunities to succeed.
“I lost my leg at the age of 12 when a doctor gave me a wrong injection and after my parents consulted other doctors, I was pronounced handicapped for life, everything changed. I had to rethink my future,” said Ole Sankok.
The multi-facetted entrepreneur running a farm and a thriving tourist resort in Narok, further asked the youth to use social media to their own benefit for it could turn profitable during campaigns and business. According to him, human resource found among the youth remained to be the most valuable resource the world could ever have.
“I recently visited Qatar and I am planning to visit Dubai to foster agreements with their government for Kenyan youth to be employed in those countries that have inadequate human resources,” he revealed
Emmanuel Lekishon, a youth representative advocated for the 30 per cent youth representation in all government sectors including employment, tendering and any other opportunities that come up in the government and private sector.
“The youth do not have enough finances nor do they have a good political grip. Therefore I would urge the government to put in place good structures that could see the youth benefit from the government sectors,” he added.
By Mabel Keya-Shikuku

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