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Murang’a leaders defend Water PS from Wa Iria’s attacks

A section of elected leaders from Mt Kenya region have castigated governor Mwangi wa Iria for allegedly trying to frustrate implementation of water projects.
During a gathering at Kangara trading centre on Saturday, the legislators censured Wa Iria for not supporting national government’s efforts of ensuring Murang’a residents get clean water for domestic use.
Citing recent attack by the governor on water Principal Secretary Joseph Wairagu, the leaders said county governments have the obligation to complement works by the national but not to engage in selfish battles.
The MPs, who included Mary Waithira ( Maragua), Peter Kimari   (Mathioya), Joseph Nduati ( Gatanga ) and Moses Kuria (Gatundu South) defended Wairagu saying he was only implementing government projects for the benefit of Murang’a residents.
On her part, Waithira asked the governor to respect other leaders and give them space to implement projects.

She said more water was actually needed in all parts of Murang’a, and now that county leaders have failed to provide the same, they should allow others to support.

“The county government should instead work in partnership with Ministry of Water to ensure our county gets adequate water,” said Waithira.

Recently, governor Wa Iria accused the water PS of championing drilling of boreholes for Gatanga people instead of facilitating how the residents can get clean and fresh water from Ndakaini dam.

Wa Iria claimed people of Murang’a should not be treated as lesser people who are to take saline water from boreholes, while those in Nairobi continued to enjoy fresh water from a dam located in their region.

During the function to distribute avocado seedlings at Kangari, the political leaders said claims by the governor were not genuine, even as residents struggled to access water for domestic use.

Mathioya MP said sideshows in the county government should stop, as leaders needed to work together for completion of projects that would transform living standards of the local residents.

“What we are yearning for is to see 100 percent water connection to our people. The fighting on who is to do what and when should stop as we focus on welfare of Murang’a residents,” added Kimari.

Gatanga MP on his part said the local population was in support of all leaders working towards ending their suffering, whether from the county or national government.

He said Wairagu was a presidential appointee, who should be supported to accomplish the task of giving water to the people of Kenya.

Gatundu South MP said he was shocked that leaders were fighting over water, when the commodity was inadequate in most parts of the country.

“If Murang’a people don’t want water boreholes, the services should be extended to Kiambu where most homes have no access to clean water,” said Kuria.

The PS who was the chief guest at the function, said all the national government projects will continue as scheduled.

Wairagu observed that Murang’a County has been allocated Sh6.2 billion to implement various projects targeting to increase water connection to more than 80 percent.

By Bernard Munyao

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